Barber Shop

What are you doing 9 days before your wedding?

You go to the barber Shop of Course.

Even João looks satisfied :-)

Erika said to me, that I had to fix my beard before the wedding!

Ok, no surprise, I guess that I also want that...

But she also said that I had to go to Lisbon to find a descend barber.

Well, Lisbon is far away when you live in Torres Vedras Community.

Before the knife

So today I found a Barber Shop in the central Torres Vedras – and actually a beautiful one – placed in an old pharmacy shop.

I was served a coffee – black.

I could get a cold beer or a whisky if I had wanted 😊

The young brasilian man, João, fixed me. No blood, no sweat, no problems...

The second before this João offered me a whisky....

Now it is just for Erika to see if it is ok, tell me the adjustments, let the beard grow for a week and go back again the day before the big day 😊

I'll be back at Sopranos in a week

I love my new barber shop, Sopranos, in Torres Vedras.

Jorge, Torres Vedras, 5th September 2018


I know it COULD sound like it is somebody else than me that is the boss in our house.... Well yes, but no.

In subjects like this, Erika is definitely the one with most opinions – and that is perfectly fine for me!

And here we talk about our wedding...

Erika want to be sure that I’m beautiful, and therefore she’s engaged in my plans.

As I want her to be satisfied with my look next Friday, I let her be part of this.

It's not more complicated than that!

Is it the same, but the other way around, when it comes to Erika?

Well, No!

When it comes to her looks everything is secret! I don’t know much, and I don’t ask.

Is that fair?

Well, yes! Not equal, but fine for me 😊

I feel totally calm that she will be the most beautiful bride of Kailua, the bride of the year, the bride of Portugal.

My bride! :-)

My bride at a Mary Kay Conference last week

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