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This post is deliberately made separate from the other post “Engaged in PT”, as I love and respect what Erika wrote - and even the way she did it.

Praia da Fonte da Telha, March 31st 2018

I am not a Facebook type.

I know, everybody can say that today, but I never was, and I have always been open about it.

2-3 years ago, my golf friends FORCED me to join, as many things would be easier if we made a group there.

And I understand, it is easy, I just need to remember to step inside to see if something has happened.

Making a blog tastes a little like Facebook....

See me!

I’ve never liked to put myself in the center, especially if I haven’t got anything very special to say. But sometimes I would be better of acting differently.

And this is part of my travel, my new life, maybe even part of my new identity?

As I want to be integrated in my new country including finding a job, I need to be open, I need to take contact, I need to network. I see this blog as part of all this. For me many things are transboundary (grænseoverskridende).

Of course quitting my job, selling my house and moving, but also starting a blog is transboundary.

The fact is that even accepting friend requests on Facebook feels a little the same...-if they aren't close friends.

I had 25 friends until recently, 15 golf friends and nearest family.

But now even this is changing.

So to receive such a beautiful Love Letter on Facebook is part of my new life.

-and I love it!

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