Happy New Decade

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!

The first year in the new decade, a very important one

This morning, January 1st 2020, I took my car to get Tino from Erika’s mothers house.

Tino back on his balcony

Another beautiful day and a very quiet morning.

I passed a house, a “quinta”, a small farm, and on the lawn in front of the house, I saw sheep being together with hens and cocks.

On the lawn among the animals, there were apples lying everywhere – hundreds…

And all the animals, regardless of species, enjoyed the party, happy to be able to eat apples on this beautiful morning.

Harmony New Years morning...

For me this is part of “my Portugal”, this is so beautiful and at the same time so natural and simple.

I love meeting the shepherds with all their sheep in the middle of the roads.

I love to see the ruins in the middle of the nature overgrown with all kinds of plants and flowers.

I love the wild nature and the Atlantic sea, and I feel humbled by the forces of nature.

A ruin with potential

All this inspires me and gives me hope for the future - for the future of humanity.

Let this be the decade where we seriously start reflecting about our way of living, about what is important, about living in harmony. In harmony with nature, with animals, with each other.

Let this be the decade where we start to think deeply about what truly makes us happy and how we should live our lives in the future.

Let us stop living on a lie, believing that money/wealth will make our lives happy and that buying a specific thing actually makes us happier.

Let us stop thinking that we are smarter than we really are.

Let us stop believing that we stand above animals and nature, which is maybe the major problem on our planet.

Let us be blessed with the knowledge that we can actually make huge changes in our way of living without losing anything of importance.

We will need great visionaries to lead us in a new direction and away from the very wrong one we are heading now.

Because the big majority of our leaders in my lifetime have fatally failed their responsibilities.

Let us continue being curious and ambitious, let us not forget to be critical and demanding, but let us use our beautiful minds in a more constructive way.

Let us start being humble.

Let this be the decade where we finally change direction, and get back on track.

Praia Azul in the background

Jorge/ Praia Azul, January 1st 2020

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