The Atlantic Ocean

The beach of Santa Cruz

The Atlantic Ocean is one of the reasons that I moved to Portugal.

It was love at first sight!

The sea drags me, and that I feel stronger here than anywhere else I've been.

All of Portugal's western side is dominated by the Atlantic Ocean. The coast goes pretty much purely North-South extending approximately 750 km. In the furthest South it turns East and becomes the Algarve coast.

The Algarve Coats is very beautiful also, but it is the West Coast, which fascinates me the most.

Mountains, cliffs and long stretched sandy beaches in a strong and harmonious Symphony, which have a common theme – the sea, the power, the sound, the light, the evening sun.

The Atlantic coast.

A walk on the beach gives me SO much energy :-)

It is so powerful and so beautifully on the same time.

It is seductive and scary.

On one hand you will just jump in the water without thinking of the consequences, but at the same time a danger signal makes you choose to just look, to keep you close, but at a safe distance.

The water is not just powerful, it is seriously cold also...

-When you once have chosen to jump into the water the first time, you surrender. You don’t want to be too far away from it again ...

You will not leave it.

Granted, this spring we haven't been near temperatures, which makes me want to jump in the Ocean (not everybody can have summer conditions in the month of May as Northern Europeans have had this year ...).

But the Atlantic is as powerful and magically beautiful in all kinds of weather.

I have made long walks on the beaches and just enjoyed the views many times in recent weeks.

I have walked without shoes and all alone on the beautiful beaches, and have felt the power and the energy from the sea.

The feeling of freedom is intense.

Some beaches has no end...

The coast is definitely not overrun.

There are still lots of places where you will never see a tourist – or a portuguese for that sake...

There are a myriad of beautiful beaches where you barely can buy a cup of coffee.

There are also many beautiful beaches that are difficult or not at all available to reach.

I must not forget the light.

The combination of the sea and the wind and the sun are giving the coast an extra dimension. It is beautiful already, but the light is amazing, it switches from clear to misty to looming to dark.

It stands in contrast to the sea and it goes in one with the sea.

It is grey, white, blue, green, black.

And the evening sun. It is magical!

It may sound like a cliché, but it is not.

This afternoon, at the coast close to where we live

A coast that is facing West is a privileged coast.

Privileged as me,

and as Erika and Gean,

and as my kids, who can come and visit me,

and like all Portuguese people, even if they don't always think of it.

I also believe that most of you who read this are privileged, but that is a totally different story.

Let this be a tribute to Portugal's magic Atlantic coast!

George, the Atlantic Coast of Portugal, June 6th 2018

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