This is still my House

But it is almost empty now…


I really have enjoyed this house.

I bought it after my divorce 8-9 years ago.

I was looking for something with 3 bedrooms, one for each of my children – and the best for me ☺

A small garden or a balcony would be nice.

I remember that it was difficult to find anything, as I wanted something different, and when I finally found this house it felt so right.

It was actually too expensive for me, but the banks were “easier” at that time.

This was 2009-2010 and the Interest market has been advantageous all the years since then, and therefore I haven’t had any difficulties with my economy.

Instead I have been living a VERY EXCLUSIVE life in this fantastic house, close to beaches and beautiful nature, close to Copenhagen and Øresund – together with other privileged people.

Close to nature...

In a few days I will drive my car all the way through Europe with a destination far less privileged than my home in Scandinavia.

I consider my car as an exclusive one, but here in Höllviken it is just a random one, actually almost all families has at least one car that is more expensive than my car.

Are they more happy because of that?

No, off course not – though many people actually believe so.

But are people in Höllviken more happy than Swedish people living elsewhere?

Yes, I think so. To be able to live here is kind of a stamp of success, and even though I’m critical to the very unified political attitude in a place like this I have actually met so many nice and sensible people through the years (22!) here.

But I will say Good Bye now.

Soon my house is totally empty, and so is my connection to this place.

Been here, done that, I’m off, and I won’t be looking back.

Below average...-and ready to leave

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