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Updated: May 8, 2018

In September 2016, 20 months ago, we met for the first time.

Since then we have visited each other many times, maybe 20 times, and in most cases we have had 3-4 days – to catch up...

Often it has taken me about 24 hours to get completely relaxed in her company.

It has never been easy. Well yes, when we don’t have to communicate with words, we often just enjoy each other.

Erika’s English is on the same level as my Portuguese, which is not too good, and this is a problem when we want to dig deeper into something we talk about.

With just a few days every time we always have things we want to say or ask. We’re both very much

“feelers”… interested in people and in each other, and would like to be able to communicate in details about this.

Over and again we have had to accept that one of us did not succeed in explaining an issue so that the other understood.

This is a big challenge for us.

And yes, we have used translator-apps from day 1.

The best conversations we have are when we are together only the two of us, and we have plenty of time and we are relaxed.

We haven’t had so many situations like that.

But change is coming now.

Today is a big day for us.

Leaving CPH, heading for Sweden

I picked up Erika at Copenhagen Airport.

We now have two days to finish packing to be ready for loading everything on the big truck arriving Wednesday.

Then we will empty the house, pack the rest in my car, lock the house, and start our long journey heading south.

3000 km.

Me driving as Erika still haven’t got a Drivers Licence.

30 hours driving according to Google Maps.

Maybe 3 sleep overs.



Just the two of us

This is the ultimate situation for good communication between the two of us.

What a trip it will be

Me, on my way to a new chapter in my life, on the road.

Erika, on her way to bring her future husband home to her own playground.

Together, now everything starts, everything we’ve been talking about and dreaming of.

Erika finally arrives at Gate A15 in CPH Airport

The thing is that being together in the car with destination Lisbon is the perfect Backdrop for a good communication between us.

But somehow I feel that it is maybe the first time that we don’t need to talk.

We can just sit on our separate seats, looking in the same direction, thinking the same thoughts, dreaming our common dreams,



Because now it is for real!

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